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Web Link Builder Position

The role of a Web Link Builder is to establish link-relationships between our websites and other sites on the same topics. A link-relationship is established by contacting the owner/webmaster of the other website and persuading them to place a link to our website on one of their pages.

For this job you will be assigned an email address to use, one or more websites to manage, and a list of URLs to websites to contact. For each website in the list you will need to:

  • Evaluate the website for potential suitability as a link partner. Questions to consider include:
    • Is it on the same topic as our site?
    • What is the Google PageRank and Alexa ranking?
    • Do they have a “Links” page?
    • Do they have a contact address/form?
    • Is it worth spending the time to contact them?
  • Locate the email address and name of the contact person responsible for the website and record it in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Write a brief 2-3 sentence description of the website in an objective tense. For example: is an online retailer of widgets. They specialise in green widgets with blue features and have detailed instructions on their use. The website features a comprehensive Q&A section and contains a great photo gallery of happy owners with their widgets. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    (You may be able to adapt the blurb on their site to write this).
  • Submit the website URL, Title and Description under the appropriate category of the Link Directory section of our website.
  • Send the owner an email introducing our website and informing them of our link to their site. The aim of this email is to encourage them to create a link back to our site. We will provide a sample email text that you can modify and personalise for each site (e.g. by including the owner's name and the category their site is listed under in our link directory).
  • Read all email responses and categorise them as positive, negative or neutral.
  • Follow-up on any queries or requests that may arise (e.g. to modify their category or site description in our link directory).
  • Make a list of other websites you encounter during your browsing that might make potential link partners.
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