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Payment Structure:

This contract position is paid on a task-performance basis:

  • $1.20 - For each website that is reviewed, categorised and contacted (as mentioned in the job description on the previous page).
  • $1.00 Bonus for each website that agrees to your request and places a link to our website on one of their pages.

Based on our experience we expect you should be able to process and send a minimum of 10 link-request emails per hour. On average a successful link-builder might expect a positive response rate of between 20% to 60%.

Job Requirements:

We require someone who:

  • Has Broadband Internet access from home.
  • Is able to work from home for a minimum of 6 hours each week in a couple of separate blocks (e.g. 3x2hrs).
  • Is comfortable and capable of working unsupervised.
  • Can meet agreed deadlines and email sending quotas.
  • Has installed (or is able to install) and use email client software on their computer (e.g. an IMAP mailbox capable package such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora or Mozilla Thunderbird).
  • Has Microsoft Excel and can use it to store contact information.
  • Has fluent written English with a polite and courteous email manner at all times.
  • Has/is willing to register for an ABN for billing purposes (
  • Is able to attend a 1-hour training session at our office in Claremont.
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