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When someone signs up with us and we offer them a website to write for, we expect them to complete the job. If the information is only half complete it is no use to us and we would almost have to start from the beginning again. Therefore we offer a payment package where we pay you on completion of all the pages required for a website. From our experience, depending on how fast you think and type you can earn over $20 per hour.

The pay rate is $8 per article; we require each article to be between 400 700 words but average around 550 words. You will be given a list of pages to write within your chosen topic and then are free to write them at your own pace. For example, a site consisting of:

  • 62 pages, with 500 words per page would earn you $500.
  • 35 pages, with 500 words per page would earn you $280.
  • 85 pages, with 500 words per page would earn you $680.

This may initially appear like a large amount of work, however once you get started it can actually take a very short amount of time. Don't forget you will be writing about your favourite hobbies and interests, and hence it will be a lot faster and easier than doing an essay or notes for a uni class!

Easy cash!

Judging by our past experience it usually takes around 15-40 hours to complete the content for each website, however your rate of pay depends entirely on how fast you think and how fast you type! It is completely up to you!

One you have submitted your work we have to proof read the content and make sure the information makes sense, is accurate and interesting to read. Once these formalities are clear we give you the cash and you can go and have some seriously good fun!

If you have any questions at all about the payments or the actual research process please include them at the end of your application form.

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