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What we are looking for

We are developing a wide range of content-based websites and are looking to fill them with as much information as possible. Simply, each page has to be packed with accurate, interesting information that is completely original and your OWN work. Of course you are able to use the internet, libraries, journals and your own personal experience to create a reliable source of information for all the web users our there who are also interested in the same things as you!

Generally there is only one person working on a website at any particular time, however if we find two people who are interested in the same topics then we can always let them work together. This is a great idea if you have a friend who has the same interests as you and you have qualities that compliment each other!

No boring topics!

From our experience we have found that when people writing about topics they are interested in they find it easy and fun and tend to write fast and with a lot of passion. This is why we only get you to write about things you are interested in!

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